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    We are so confident you will love hosting with us, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our shared hosting accounts. Put us to the test with confidence.

    See terms of service for details.
    Information for New Users

      Information for New Users

    Welcome Message

    Once your new account has been created, a welcome message will be sent to you by email, containing the address, username, and password for your account control panel. The control panel will be the center of administration for all your account's features.

    Required Step 1: Make Payment to Activate Your Accout

    Log into your control panel with the username and password contained in your welcome letter, and follow the Billing icon. For more detailed instructions, see "Managing your billing" in our video tutorial section.

    Required Step 2: Add Your Domain Name

    After making payment, you must add a domain to your account. Log into your control panel with the username and password contained in your welcome letter, and follow the Domains icon. For more detailed instructions, see "Adding a domain" in our video tutorial section. All services in your account are tied to a domain name. To configure your account, you must have already purchased a domain name through a global registrar. (Ecompro offers discount domain name registrations if you do not already own a domain name.) Once you have purchased a domain, log in to your control panel and click on the Domains icon, click the blue "Add New" button, enter the domain name, then click Save.

    Point Your Domain to Our Nameservers

    You may upload website files, but you will not be able to view the site by domain name until DNS is pointed to our servers. Go to the Registrar where the domain name is registered and change the nameservers (DNS servers) to the following servers:
    Advanced users familiar with the DNS system may use their own DNS servers if desired. If your domain name was just registered or pointed to us, it can take up to 24-48 hours for DNS to "propagate" globally for other networks to see. To upload your site files during this propagation time, use the following IP address as the "server" or "host" in your FTP software, instead of the domain name:

    Detailed Help Is Always Available Online

    Watch our video tutorials to learn about using your account, email, creating websites, FTP, FrontPage, databases, and a variety of other subjects.

    Recommended: Change Your Password

    The username and password contained in the welcome message are for Control Panel access only. You will set up separate username/password combinations for FTP access and email. We encourage you to change the password our system has assigned to one you can more easily remember, but be sure to make it secure and difficult to guess. Remember, the security of your account depends on a good password. Log into your control panel, choose the Password icon and follow the prompts.

    What Is My Email Address?

    If you wish to use email services, you will need to create mailboxes. See "Creating a POP email account" in our video tutorial section. Your domain's incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) server names are in the format mail.yourdomainname.com. Or, you may choose to simply forward inbound mail for your domain to your current email address. In this case, do not create a POP3 mailbox. Simply follow the icon for Email Forwarding instead.

    What Is My FTP Username?

    Your FTP username is NOT the same as the control panel username. An FTP username is automatically created when you add your domain in STEP 2 above, but you will need to set a password for it. In the Domains section of your control panel, select the option for FTP Accounts. For more detailed instructions, see "Creating an FTP account" in our video tutorial section.

    What Is My FrontPage Username?

    You must add FrontPage Extensions to your domain to use Microsoft FrontPage to author your site. See "Installing FrontPage Extensions" in our video tutorial section. NOTE: You will need a temporary URL to upload with FrontPage until DNS propagates. See "VIEWING YOUR SITE and TEMPORARY ACCESS" below for instructions.

    Upload Your Website Files

    Now that your account is configured, you may begin uploading files via FTP, or by publishing with FrontPage. The FTP hostname is in the format ftp.yourdomain.com. See our video tutorials for instructions on creating FTP logins using the account control panel. Your website account is created with the following directories by default.

    • db - Use this directory to store your databases. If you create ODBC mappings, the system will look to this directory by default.
    • logs - The server will put your website log files here.
    • wwwroot - This is your public website directory. Upload your HTML pages, images, and other public files here.
    IMPORTANT: Visitors can only view and access files within the wwwroot diretory, and other directories you create inside wwwroot. Files outside of wwwroot are blocked from public view.


    You cannot view your website using just its IP address. If you need to view your website for testing or verification (or to publish your site using FrontPage) before DNS has propagated, contact our support department at support@ecompro.com and request a temporary URL. Be sure to include your username (contained in your welcome letter) and domain name in your request.


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