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    We are so confident you will love hosting with us, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our shared hosting accounts. Put us to the test with confidence.

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    Genuine HP ProLiant True Server Platform

    True Server Platform: No Rebranded Desktops, No Generic Parts, No Compromises
    Ecompro™ deploys Genuine HP ProLiant true server platforms for all dedicated server customers. Why is this important? A website may look the same to your visitors, but it is the quality of the server that makes the site faster, more reliable, and easier to manage.

    Many providers use "white box" servers built from desktop-grade components, because the parts are cheap and plentiful. But that doesn't make them good. Server grade components are essential when uptime matters. Our server criteria are simple:
    • We do not use desktop-grade machines.
    • We do not use generic "white box" parts.
    • We deploy only genuine HP ProLiant servers.
    What does this mean for you? First of all, it means your site runs on bulletproof hardware optimized for server duty. Second, the management components embedded into the HP ProLiant true server platform are unrivaled in their ability to remotely control and manage the server-- even if the power is Off, and even if the machine has dropped offline.

    KVM/IP Console Every server comes with a 24x7 dedicated KVM/IP port, enabling BIOS-level access even if the server is offline or powered down. Get the same access as our NOC personnel. No waiting. No extra fees. No hassles.

    Remote Reboot and Power Control Perform warm (reset button) and cold (power-cycle) reboots of your server, on demand 24x7. No need to open a support ticket. You can even turn the power back on if you accidentally shut down the machine.


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